Caffi Filter til stempelkander

About Caffi

A solution to a problem

We all sometimes come across things that don´t seem to be functioning properly. And we may think, “why hasn´t there been found a solution to this irritating problem?” Most us us just go on being a bit irritated.

INNOFORS aps often picks up such everyday challenges, and one day we heard a radio programme about plunger pot coffee making. And due to this listening to radio we began thinking about coffee filters for plunger pot use.
We ourselves used plunger pots when having coffee, and family and friends frequently complained about the irritating leftover grounds in their coffee cups. And apart from that, everybody found the cleaning of the pot to be a nuisance!

We decided to do something about it. We made the first coffee filter prototypes, and the results were promising. We kept aiming for perfection of the idea, and then applied for patent in Denmark. This patent was granted in 2010. Now patent applications for EU, and for the U.S. are in the pipeline.

Having the DK-patent we decided to establish a production of filters, and that is now in progress. We are very pleased that we ourselves are in charge of the actual production. It ensures direct quality control, as well as better flexibility in delivery procedures. And we appreciate being able to have workplaces staying in Denmark.

December 1, 2011 we signed a contract, granting an exclusive filter dealership to TE & KAFFE specialisten, covering all of Scandinavia. As TE & KAFFE specialisten is delivering tea, coffee, specialities and accessories to most Danish speciality stores, we are happy to have this cooperation. It means that our filters can be purchased all over Denmark.

An environmental choice

The filters are made of oxygen-bleached paper. This paper is environmentally neutral, particularly when compared to the traditional chlorine-bleached products. So using our filters will cause no guilt feelings as far as environmental concerns go.

The filterpaper is made of bio-soluble materials. It has been chosen, because we want to avoid any negative impact on nature and environment. After use a bio-soluble product can be dropped into a bucket for bio-waste.

Our product must comply with the regulations from The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and INNOFORS ApS has been presenting a considerable amount of documentation, all to the approval from the Danish Veterianry and Food Administration, which on Spetember 28, 2012 again carried out a control visit at the production site, which was approved.

The filter production machinery was developed in cooperation with Jutland-based HP Teknik, specialized in developing production equipment for the manufacturing of bags i.a.

And that´s the way it is, — the story about the unique coffee filters from

About the filter

THE WAY TO THE BEST COFFEE EXPERIENCE was established in 2010, following years of intensive efforts to get our product ready for the market. Our product is the disposable Caffi coffee filter for use in plunger pots.

Using the coffee filters from gives you two significant advantages:
– No leftover grounds in your coffee cup, as all grounds are filtered away, before coffee is served.
– Cleaning the pot is simple: Turn the pot upside down, and all coffee grounds falls out with the filter
– The Caffi filter is made of compostable material. You will enjoy the full taste of the coffee.
Ordinary ground coffee can be used. Filters can also be used for tea-making

The people behind Caffi

Ann Sofie Forssling direktør for INNOFORS ApS

Ann Sofie Forssling

Ann is a Engineer in Chemistry but have later studied HD in organisation and management and latest she has taken a degree in MSc in Medical chemistry.

Ann is the creative part of INNOFORS ApS. She invented the Caffi filter for plunger pots, has driven the development of the Caffi filter, and Ann is the person that we consult when everything has been tried but nothing works! She will find the solution as she is excellent in finding alternatives and thinking new ways.

Jakob Forssling direktør for INNOFORS ApS

Jakob Forssling

Jakob has a background as an auto mechanic, but have also studied HD in organisation and management and has been working with leadership.

Today it’s Jakob that is responsible for the daily operations such as the production, maintenance, sales, logistics and administration.